Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cat Baths

There's been an awful lot of itching going on around here and when Hubby found a flea biting him, he'd had enough. So, yesterday, he and Max did a quick Cat Wash on both Caruso and Kit-Kit. Although I missed the Caruso bath, Max said, "I've never heard such sounds come from a cat before!"Caruso got his name for his unique voice, and I've heard it all every time he goes in the car to the vet.

However, I did get to see some of Kit-Kit's bath. I heard her screaming and rushed outside to find a very bedraggled black cat glaring daggers at everyone and swearing up a storm. She's not an easy one to hang onto when she's mad! But they both made it through their flea baths OK.

Later in the day, Caruso had totally forgotten and forgiven all and was his usual talkative and affectionate self. Kit-Kit, on the other hand, was not a happy camper and would only let ME touch her...not those awful guys who held her down and tortured her so. Now they've both been doped with flea and tick meds, so they should start to feel some relief. Ah, the things we endure for good health!


Toodie said...

I am glad the cats and the boys survived the ordeal. The spraying furniture etc to kill fleas is good on a day with windows open. That picture tells the whole story. lol.

JennyD said...

I am ROLLIN' in laughter, Sue! Omg, what great pics and what a great little story! Nothing could be more true about cat baths. Ever notice how their legs can shoot out to the side and go rigid? And all the while "the scream", that wild cat yell.
Fleas in the house? Wash a big dog (but not with flea soap), dry him well, and then walk him through the house slowly. Every flea in the world will hop on. Then take him out and wash him again. Poor ole dog. Not fair is it.
LOVED this post of yours and it's going to be rolling through my head today and you can bet I'll be laughing.

Joe said...

Cat baths are never dull are they? I remember when we had two cats we bathed on occasion in the Philippines. We also had a Doberman who smiled...I swear he did...when he saw those cats come out looking like drowned rats! Animal dramas! Gotta love 'em!

Ramblingon said...

Man, I gave our Robin when she was alive, one bath and that was something else. She had the strength of two Klingons. That was before they had FrontLine for cats. After that, she was good to go a month at a time..I was always there to put her flea meds on., never another problem. you KNOW what your word verification is??? "Colonfit"!!!

caroldee said...

YEOW I hope you got rid of ALL THE FLEAS even the ones NOT on the cats! Here's hoping all the itching is over..: )

JennyD said...

Well, I just had to run back over, Sue. I needed one more look at these hysterical photos before I went to bed. Nothing like a good belly laugh before you close your eyes. Besides, my Lucy (black and white cat) is staring at the screen and I said to her, "Next time you lay ONE claw into the chair, this is going to happen to YOU". I think she stopped breathing.