Sunday, September 11, 2011

How I published with Smashwords!

DSCF1461_2_cover Wow!  I finally did it!  Although I have previously published my first two books through a standard publisher, I decided it was time to try out e-book publishing and was steered towards  It astounded me that they were a service that I could afford (FREE is my cup of tea!) that reaches so many different e-book formats.  They also provided a FREE ISBN number for my book, which is a huge help in getting it out there. 

So, I downloaded their FREE e-book explaining exactly how to format my Word manuscript and printed it out.  (I like to have something I can take with me on my travels ferrying Max around during soccer season, etc. since I don’t have a smart phone or e-book reader.)  Then, I read the entire booklet before touching my manuscript, giving me a chance to see if I could really do it myself.  The guide seemed to be amazingly simple, except for one thing:  I am a WordPerfect writer, having worked in WordPerfect since I first started on computers back in the70’s.  Word is still alien to me.

I managed to re-save my manuscript in Word and then put it through Notepad to really clean it up, as they suggested.  Since I’m only faintly familiar with Word, finding the proper settings was the biggest challenge for me.  Believe it or not, my biggest problem was finding how to to a page-down to skip to a new page, as I never use it.  (I had to travel back through my memory when I was a legal secretary back in the ‘80’s to remember how to:  control-enter.)  I have to say, though, that in spite of my Word non-expertise, I made it through the manual in approximately 3 days. 

Due to my ignorance concerning Word settings, I ended up having to put my manuscript through the publishing process 5 times before finally being accepted.  It was entirely my fault for not properly setting up my paragraphs.  But I stuck to it and was successful in finally being accepted by Smashwords before my Saturday deadline:  I wanted to have it done in time for the Annual Bluegrass Festival where we Lake County Authors have a booth, DSCF1496 so I could advertise my new e-book! DSCF1497

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Weekend Fun!

DSCF1483 Because Sean was home for a visit during the Labor Day Weekend, Max, Steve, Sean and I ventured out for some Sunday afternoon fun at the refurbished Putt-putt golf place.  DSCF1485 Tatonka Land bought up the old Jules Mini-golf place that has lain deserted since before we moved here in 2000.  Every time I walk by it, I think how cool it would be if it were still there.  Most of the old statues have disappeared over the years, but the new owners managed to retrieve some of them.  They’ve brought it back in style!DSCF1487  DSCF1493 Just be careful where you walk!

I was fascinated by the nifty course and all the cool statues. DSCF1490 We had a blast trying to shoot straight or around corners. DSCF1492 Some of the easy holes ended up being the hardest!  DSCF1489

We ended up within 6 shots of each other at the end and went away laughing and happy!  DSCF1494 What a bundle of fun for $5 a game! We did the whole course in about 1-1/2 hours!  And you can bet we’ll go back for more in the future!  (You can see more of the park on FB at