Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday is Father’s Day!

Dad1 Those of you who still have living Fathers should be spending this day with them because some day, they won’t be around to celebrate this day…and you’ll regret not having done more with them. 

My father, William C. Truckenmiller (born in 1916), passed away back in the late ‘70s from colon cancer.  Digging through a bunch of old photos, I scanned a few to preserve them in digital form.  I love this one of him as a very young boy, although there is no date on it---I’m thinking he must have been around 2 years old. Dad4 There is one old tin-type photo of  him at about 10 years old that is slowly fading away.  Couldn’t scan that one, but hope I can find a way to preserve it.  Any ideas? 

DadNavyShip When WWII happened, my Dad entered the Navy and served as an officer on this ship, the U.S.S. Crystal.  It was a weather ship in the Pacific with its home base on Midway.  I love these old photos of him and my Mom: DadMomNavy  MomDad1

Dad3 After the war, he worked in a foundry as a metallurgist, designing and building various munitions.  Found this pic of him with our cat, Joe.  DadJoe He was a fun father who loved jokes, sports (he was quite a tennis player in high school), cards, fishing, and crossword puzzles (which he either did in ink or just in-his-head).  I am sad that he never lived long enough to see both my brother and I married, with kids.  My boys really missed out not having him as a grandfather.  But I know he would have been proud of both of them! 

Miss you, Dad!