Monday, October 25, 2010

I’m only a week late with this…

DSCF0765 Last weekend, my older son, Sean, was visiting with his girlfriend, Seana (yes, that’s how you spell it too!), who had never been to the Napa Valley.  They had quite the tour of the valley and on Sunday, took Max to the Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa36065_451302643863_742573863_5217622_896811_n with intentions of going ice skating at the Snoopy’s Ice rink next to the Museum.  66687_451300143863_742573863_5217572_4258626_n However, it closed before they could get in.  However, they had fun and Seana took lots of pics of the boys and all.  Then they went shopping at the downtown mall and visited the giant hand! 71987_451304503863_742573863_5217639_6109517_n  33697_451307118863_742573863_5217664_5656370_n

The previous day, Sean and Seana visited an Italian castle that is somewhere in the Napa Valley (I only know the general direction),71558_451261913863_742573863_5217099_7195219_n but I’ve never seen it or heard of it. 72702_451270783863_742573863_5217188_1313010_n You can see all her pics of it at her facebook page, which you can get to from Sean’s page or my page.  They also visited a corn maze at night. 33697_451288983863_742573863_5217448_6983722_n Seana also made a video of many of the pictures that is on my Wall at FB too.  Check it out!  Max is in it too!

It rained here all weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed it!  Saturday I did my radio interview on KPFZ, 88.1 FM along with two readings from my two novels.  It all went well, except for a language slip by me during the first reading (yes, I said the “s” word without thinking about it).  It was OK, though, as I don’t think many heard the show.  I will be getting a CD of the show in a couple of weeks for my archives.

Our leaves are beginning to change as you can see from the first picture above, which is of a vineyard where you turn off the main road to get to our place.  The colors are just starting so in another week, with some sunny weather too, we should have peak colors!DSCF0764

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trusting People

DSCF0741 Came across something interesting yesterday on my travels around the county.  There is a fruit stand, off the beaten path, that I pass on my way to the next town down the road.  I’ve seen the sign many times and made a mental note each time to stop there for Pears and Apples.  Well, I stopped yesterday.  There was a truck parked there and so I assumed he worked the stand.  He was only there to replenish the supply, he said.  The signs around the table said $5 a bag for the pears, apples and peaches.  A metal box with a slit sat on the table as well next to the “SELF SERVE” sign.  I’ve never seen this kind of thing when it comes to FOOD!  The guy putting more fruit bags out said they haven’t had any problems with people taking stuff.  AMAZING in this time of economic unrest.  I suppose that the people who own the stand feel if folks take the fruit without paying, they must need it.  After all, K-Ville is the pear capital, so there is an abundance of pears.  So, I put my five ones through the metal slot and picked out my bag of pears (probably 12 or 15 in the bag).  They all look perfect!  Before I left, the guy there handed me an Asian pear and one of their Jonagold apples as well.  How generous!  Wouldn’t it be great if all businesses could rely on this method of sales?!!!  Well, I can dream, can’t I?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


DSCF0763 Our rooster, Charlie, doesn’t seem to be growing as much as the hens lately.  Perhaps he has attained his full size. DSCF0752_1 They, on the other hand, appear to be getting bigger and fatter by the day!  The Orpingtons are almost as big as he is and much heftier. DSCF0757 We’re getting three to four eggs a day now---so at least three chickens are laying.  Don’t think they are ALL laying yet.  When winter weather descends, they’ll molt and quit laying for a while, then in the spring, they’ll lay like crazy. 

DSCF0753 Spot is still my little pet.  She is stunning with her lighter feathers and darker head.  But, the one good layer DSCF0761 (the one in the background looking directly at us and probably the first one to lay) is a real snot, though and has bitten my hand twice now.  What a brat!  I have nicknamed her Grinelda as that name seems to fit her.  She evil-eyes us when we come in to get the eggs and attacks anything bright and shiny like watches, glasses and small cameras.  Hubby thinks she will be a good brood hen and mommy when the time comes.  She is also the first to the food and the first to the fence when we arrive, trying to push outside the yard.  Sometimes we have to gently kick her to keep her inside!  Spot never tries to escape and follows me around the yard.  At least one of the Orpingtons is laying---this bigger one (nicknamed Fluffy) with the nice comb.  The other Orp is smaller DSCF0756 and doesn’t have the nice comb and wattle (don’t know why??).  Both are shy and untouchable.  However, they never try to bite. 

DSCF0752 Charlie still struts his stuff out there and crows proudly at all times of the day and sometimes the night.  His feathers are very handsome and he knows it.  What a character.  The girls seems to like him as their leader, though, which is a good thing! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chickens have feelings too…

DSCF0623 This morning after breakfast, I heard an awful commotion outside.  I couldn’t decide if a cat was making a ruckus or the dogs next yard were after something or if the chickens were having troubles.  So, I went out to investigate.  They were all there, much to my relief and they ran to the fence, so happy to see me.  I had been a little worried about them because the last few nights, I’ve heard the howls of coyotes.  Luckily, during that time, Charlie was silent.  But he was in fine voice this morning.

At any rate, I went into the shed to the food, which we keep in a big plastic trash barrel.  Before I could open it, Spot flew/jumped up onto the lid (which comes about to my waist).  Then, she did the most amazing thing---she leans into me.  I put my arm around her and she let me really pet her.  I was stunned that she was being so affectionate!  She stayed there for several minutes until I stepped out of the shed, then she followed me, chirping all the way like she does.  Perhaps a predator had been in their yard earlier.  We get skunks and enormous moles/ground hogs, not to mention snakes from time to time.  Who knows?!  However, it was quite an experience!  We think that only 2 of the girls are laying eggs now---don’t know if Spot is one of them.  I’ve seen the “hungry” one sitting in a nest in the shed, but haven’t disturbed her.  Don’t think the Orpingtons DSCF0499_1 (the big buff colored girls) are laying yet.  Will get more up-to-date pics soon!

Friday, October 08, 2010

WOW! And well timed…

DSCF0748 It finally happened!  We had our first eggs from “the girls.”  Hubby went out the other day and said they probably laid them either the 4th or 5th---how nice they thought of me on my birthday!  Quite the gift!  So, this morning, we had omelets for breakfast.  They were very rich and colorful but on the small side. DSCF0750 Don’t know if all of them are laying or just a few.  Hard to tell.  We’ll be keeping a closer eye on them to find out.  The Orpingtons (the buff colored ones) are way bigger---almost larger than Charlie---so I’m thinking their eggs will be larger too.  They are a beautiful light tan shade in color and the yolks are quite orange. 

DSCF0747 As many of you may have noticed on my FB page, I put a video of Max’sDSCF0733_1 performance with the KHS Jazz Band this past Saturday. DSCF0739 (He’s the one on the far left side, behind the band)  Although he only got to play one number this time, it was well done.  Hopefully he’ll be able to play more often as the year progresses.  In his regular band class, he is the ONLY bass, so he gets plenty of playing time there.  All in all, it was a fun day by the lake.DSCF0740

Hope you all are enjoying this cooler Autumn weather and that your leaves are changing colors---ours are slowly getting there, but not spectacular yet. 

Monday, October 04, 2010


Charlton-Heston-Autographed-Publi-265485 If Charlton Heston were alive, he would have been 87 years old today.  However, he died three years ago.  We are lucky to have his 60+ films, voice-narrations, books and memories of this wonderful human being to remember him.  One can nearly always find one of his films or hear one of his voice-narrated documentaries almost daily on TV these days.  Just the other day, I came across the movie, “Cat and Dogs” where he was the voice of the top-dog!  It never fails to bring a smile to my face when I hear him or see him. 

Here’s hoping his memory lives forever.  It will, in my heart.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


What a week!  It seemed like I spent most of the time in my car driving this week---went to Napa 3 times (2:30 hours round trip), Max’s school at least twice a day (40 min round trip) , our pharmacy at least 5 times (30 minutes round trip), town beyond K-Ville 3 times (1 hour round trip) and who knows how many other short hops…  No, my car isn’t fixed yet, DSCF0715 but it’s going into the shop probably next week or the week after for sure.  Unfortunately, it will be there for 3 days!  ARGH!  All because of a stupid fender-bender.  At least nobody got hurt!

DSCF0646 Max’s soccer team won 5-3 in Thurs. game and the KHS High School football team beat a tough team last night in a close 26-20 victory!  Great game!  Our football team looks good this year (which it hasn’t been in a long while), so there IS hope.  They’re riding in 2nd place along with three other teams, but with that victory, they may be a solid 2nd. 

Max is now going to Orchestra practice with his bass on Sunday afternoons (in K-Ville, of course).  He also has a performance with the KHS Jazz Band at a local winery this afternoon, which will be his first of the year.  It’s so exciting that they’re finding gigs for this talented band!  I may try to capture one or two songs on my Flip camera and post them (if I can figure out how) for your amusement.  Hope this entry comes through on my new WordPress as well as the BlogSpot pages.  Have a great weekend and see you on the flip-flop!