Monday, October 25, 2010

I’m only a week late with this…

DSCF0765 Last weekend, my older son, Sean, was visiting with his girlfriend, Seana (yes, that’s how you spell it too!), who had never been to the Napa Valley.  They had quite the tour of the valley and on Sunday, took Max to the Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa36065_451302643863_742573863_5217622_896811_n with intentions of going ice skating at the Snoopy’s Ice rink next to the Museum.  66687_451300143863_742573863_5217572_4258626_n However, it closed before they could get in.  However, they had fun and Seana took lots of pics of the boys and all.  Then they went shopping at the downtown mall and visited the giant hand! 71987_451304503863_742573863_5217639_6109517_n  33697_451307118863_742573863_5217664_5656370_n

The previous day, Sean and Seana visited an Italian castle that is somewhere in the Napa Valley (I only know the general direction),71558_451261913863_742573863_5217099_7195219_n but I’ve never seen it or heard of it. 72702_451270783863_742573863_5217188_1313010_n You can see all her pics of it at her facebook page, which you can get to from Sean’s page or my page.  They also visited a corn maze at night. 33697_451288983863_742573863_5217448_6983722_n Seana also made a video of many of the pictures that is on my Wall at FB too.  Check it out!  Max is in it too!

It rained here all weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed it!  Saturday I did my radio interview on KPFZ, 88.1 FM along with two readings from my two novels.  It all went well, except for a language slip by me during the first reading (yes, I said the “s” word without thinking about it).  It was OK, though, as I don’t think many heard the show.  I will be getting a CD of the show in a couple of weeks for my archives.

Our leaves are beginning to change as you can see from the first picture above, which is of a vineyard where you turn off the main road to get to our place.  The colors are just starting so in another week, with some sunny weather too, we should have peak colors!DSCF0764


Ramblingon said...

I enjoyed the pictures, Sue..and love that you were in an interview! How cool is that!?

There is something especially appealing to me looking at a vineyard. I don't know what memories they evoke..maybe none..maybe some but I sure enjoy looking at pictures of them.

Have a super rest of the week.

GreatGranny said...

Must have been exciting to be interviewed on radio. I got a chuckle about the 'S' word. I like the photos, looked like rain was coming there in the valley.