Saturday, October 02, 2010


What a week!  It seemed like I spent most of the time in my car driving this week---went to Napa 3 times (2:30 hours round trip), Max’s school at least twice a day (40 min round trip) , our pharmacy at least 5 times (30 minutes round trip), town beyond K-Ville 3 times (1 hour round trip) and who knows how many other short hops…  No, my car isn’t fixed yet, DSCF0715 but it’s going into the shop probably next week or the week after for sure.  Unfortunately, it will be there for 3 days!  ARGH!  All because of a stupid fender-bender.  At least nobody got hurt!

DSCF0646 Max’s soccer team won 5-3 in Thurs. game and the KHS High School football team beat a tough team last night in a close 26-20 victory!  Great game!  Our football team looks good this year (which it hasn’t been in a long while), so there IS hope.  They’re riding in 2nd place along with three other teams, but with that victory, they may be a solid 2nd. 

Max is now going to Orchestra practice with his bass on Sunday afternoons (in K-Ville, of course).  He also has a performance with the KHS Jazz Band at a local winery this afternoon, which will be his first of the year.  It’s so exciting that they’re finding gigs for this talented band!  I may try to capture one or two songs on my Flip camera and post them (if I can figure out how) for your amusement.  Hope this entry comes through on my new WordPress as well as the BlogSpot pages.  Have a great weekend and see you on the flip-flop!


Ramblingon said...

I am TICKLED the band has some gigs! YEA! I love the arts in any case and support our HS band often with cash contributions.,.and I don't mean a few dollars. :-)

Rocket Man said...

Congrats to Max! Football rivalry is alive and well in our family this weekend. Frankie's alma mater narrowly edged out Laura's last night. Frankie was rubbing it in at work today as Laura came in an hour after her mother did. Glad Sam and I were home snoozing for that one!

CAROLDEE said...

Ahhhh still waiting for the music here.. what's up?? Well, know you will get to it when you get some time if you ever get a break!
Lost another number.. boy that is depressing isn't it?

GreatGranny said...

How exciting for Max having a gig. And his soccer team winning, so good for him. Maybe this week you can catch up to yourself, busy lady.

CAROLDEE said...

HAPPY PRE-BIRTHDAY DAY!! Hope your whole week goes better than last week!!