Monday, September 27, 2010

K-Ville Pear Festival

DSCF0728 This weekend was the annual Pear Festival in our area.  K-Ville is the pear capitol of the US, with acres and acres of pear orchards surrounding the town.  So every year there is the big Festival complete with Pear Queen and a substantial parade. 

Max marched with the K-Ville High School Band. DSCF0720 Although he couldn’t play his bass (which is NOT a marching instrument) he did carry the banner along with the piano player.  The band played “25 or 6 to 4” by the band, Chicago and marched well, near the front of the parade.  A couple of times, I thought the parade was almost overDSCF0727 and crossed to the other side, only to have more contestants come down the street!  Lots of antique carsDSCF0724 and a whole herd of antique tractors! DSCF0730 Yes, you read that right---there must have been 25 old tractors being cheered on by the large crowd! DSCF0731 Definitely not your usual parade---this is an agricultural area, so I guess one has to expect it.

There were lots of stands set up selling everything from jewelry to wood carvings, soap, lots of food with that Pear theme---pies, ice cream, smoothies and turnovers.  I had a marvelous pear/apricot smoothie that was nothing but ice blended with fruit pulp---no dairy and no added sugar!  YUM!  AND I managed to get one of my favs---an enormous frozen banana with nuts! 

All in all, it was a fun time with local bands and businesses setting up raffles, etc.  The weather was perfect for it as well---dry and warm!  Old planes and helicopters did flyovers as well.  Lots of fun!


Joe said...

How exciting that Max was a part of that! I certainly understand why he didn't bring his instrument! Wonderful pictures my friend!

Rocket Man said...

That sounds like lots of fun, Sue. Maybe Max ought to look into mounting his bass on a skateboard for parades.