Thursday, September 16, 2010


189_cartoon_tv1 Here is something that was handed to us at our booth at the Bluegrass Festival by the bookstore that sponsored our booth.  Hope you love it as much as I:


We believe in the book.  We believe in quieting the noise and listening to the stories.  We believe in traveling far and wide between paper pages.  We believe in touching the words, scribbling in the margins and dogging the ears.  We believe in surrounding ourselves with books long finished and books not yet read; in revisiting our younger selves each time we pull from the shelf old favorites.

We believe in 5 year olds inking their names in big letters on the fly leaf.  We believe in becoming someone else for 400 pages.  We believe in turning off the screens and unplugging the network once in a while.  We believe in meeting the author, reading the footnotes, looking up words and checking the references.  We believe in holding our children on our laps and turning the pages together.

We believe in standing shoulder to shoulder in comfortable silence with our fellow citizens before a good shelf of books; be believe in the aisles of a good bookstore.

We believe that together, readers, writer, books, and bookstores can work magic.

Save the world.  Buy a book.

(Thanks to Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino, CA)


With that said, I shall be making only about 2 or 3 (at most) blog entries in the next month or so as I need to concentrate on getting a manuscript ready to sell.  I’ll keep you informed as to its progress and things here at home through FB and here when I can.  Thanks for your patience!  Have a great day!


Ramblingon said...

Good luck, dear and we'll be waiting to hear.

Joe said...

All the best wishes in the world my friend!

GreatGranny said...

Excellent article. We'll be waiting to hear again from you.