Sunday, September 12, 2010


DSCF0703 Yesterday was the 5th Annual Bluegrass Festival and my 4th time at the Lake County Writers’ Group booth.  We set up at 7 a.m. and tore down around 6 p.m.  A long day, but the weather was bright and sunny with only a hint of a breeze, so the weather was perfect.  Besides our booth,DSCF0699 there was everything DSCF0712 from tie-dye to hats to jewelry to crafty stuff.  Tons of food and this cute little standDSCF0711 helped quench our thirst.  The unending music ranged from old fashioned picking to yodeling to county with lots of banjoes, mandolins, and fiddles.  Our local Konocti Fiddlers Club was there (with a lot of fiddle players that are also in the Youth Orchestra with Max) and many other duos, trios and huge groups.  At the Anderson Marsh State Park, where the event is held, there is a big old house that is the park center with a huge covered front porch. DSCF0709 For the Festival, three or four spinning wheelsDSCF0707 were going at all times and small clumps of musicians could be found in various places practicing and tuning up.  Our local radio station presented the music live,DSCF0710 so those who didn’t want to come in person could still hear it all.

However, I spent most of my time sitting (or standing) behind my book display DSCF0698_1 and talking to people DSCF0713 about the books written by local artists.  All in all, it was a great day for everyone! 


Joe said...

That reminds me of the days when we ran a booth at the farmer's market here. It was always a lot of work and made for a long day but there was something good about it too. The pictures speak of nice weather and good times. Thanks for sharing my friend.

Rocket Man said...

Sounds a lot like our annual Chautauqua Festival. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.