Monday, September 06, 2010

Pre-Labor Day BBQ

DSCF0692 We celebrated Labor Day a day early this year.  After Sunday Judo practice, the Judo kids and families came back to our house for an impromptu BBQ.  There was lots of great food (we provided the burgers and dogs and they brought most of the rest of it---except for my zucchini bread!) DSCF0684 and conversation DSCF0683 while the kids swam DSCF0682 and jumped on the trampoline.  Max and E spent most of their time playing pool in the garage DSCF0686 or shooting the BB gun at the archery targets.  All in all, it was small, but fun get-together on a perfect sunny afternoon!DSCF0690

School starts tomorrow for Max and E!  Oh boy!!!

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Rocket Man said...

Aren't those the best sort of gatherings? The ones that are impromptu, informal and just plain relaxing!