Tuesday, August 02, 2011


DSCF1381 Sunday we went to the beach.  Actually we were planning on going to Muir Woods, but took a wrong turn and ended up at Stinson Beach.  DSCF1360 Because of the heavy fog (we call it Marine Layer), there weren’t many beach-goers out. DSCF1351 In fact, it was pretty deserted except for the gulls, DSCF1353 the sandpipers DSCF1367 and various sets of wildlife footprintsDSCF1362 ---mostly deer, we think.  There was a guy fishing from a rock DSCF1374 and another small group of guys practicing rock climbing, DSCF1378 but mostly just us. DSCF1354 DSCF1372 Max brought his guitar (which has been his normal companion lately) and propped up in various locations to serenade us.DSCF1376  DSCF1370  DSCF1371

Then, after a tasty brunch at the nearby cafe, DSCF1382 we headed back towards Muir Woods.  Unfortunately it was so crowded, we would have had to walk several MILES from where we could park just to get to the entrance of the woods.  So, we bagged that (hoping to make it back earlier next time) and wound our way up and down Mt. Tamapais DSCF1386 on our way back to the coast, where we landed at Muir Beach.  Although there were more people there, we only spent a short time at this short stretch of beach. DSCF1389 The fog was still in place, although a lot less. DSCF1391

DSCF1399 On our way along Hwy 1, we saw signs for Pt. Reyes Light Station DSCF1405 and decided to check it out.  After a LONG stretch of road, we finally hit the parking lot---and had to walk .4 miles to get to the station. DSCF1392   DSCF1395_1 What a quaint little Lighthouse set down on the side of the rocky cliff.  There were 318 steps down to it (along with several stretches of slanting sections) and back up to the top.  DSCF1404 It didn’t seem that bad getting down.  The station had the original Fresnel lens DSCF1401 and foghorn along with fascinating historical buildings and knowledgeable Keeper. DSCF1402 They actually have a few small apartments beside the lighthouse where the keepers live---with no TV or phone reception and no internet.  Talk about a quiet life.  They do carry large mobile phones to keep in touch with local rangers. 

DSCF1406 On our way back along the stretch to Hwy 1, Max spotted a small stand of trees (Eucalyptus) and wanted to stop at this “magical forest,” DSCF1409 which happened to be next to a Coast Guard Station.   Lo and behold it was a burial ground DSCF1410_1 and a wonderful find! DSCF1414 So quiet and peaceful and green with cool tangled trees. DSCF1415  DSCF1413  DSCF1416 The markers were old and sparse, DSCF1418 with lots of room left for others. DSCF1419 How cool!

What a great day!   DSCF1383