Sunday, January 08, 2012

ZELDA---The legend continues!

DSCF1728 This is our new Puppy:  ZELDA!  She is just 8 weeks old and going through the housebreaking stage.  Our other dog, GYPSY GIRL,DSCF1727 is also going through a training stage to qualify as an official babysitter (that’s basically ON A LEASH around the new puppy, as she is too rambunctious for the little one now).  ZELDA is a Malamute/Australian Shepherd mix and by the size of her feet, going to be a big dog. DSCF1726 She already weighs 12 pounds.  She has one adorable bright blue eye and one warm brown eye (they go well with Gypsy’s half-moon blue-brown eyes!). DSCF1725 I was amazed that little ZELDA can actually pick up that tennis ball in her mouth, even at this young age! DSCF1720 She promises to be a ball retriever when she gets bigger.  ZELDA is a snuggler too. DSCF1719 She really loves her people and follows us around as much as possible (when she’s not following her mentor, Gypsy).  I can’t wait for her to get big enough to take walks with her and start on obedience training.  Because she had her surgery (spade) the day before we picked her up, so she is in “a less excitable stage---calm and quiet.”  Riiigghhtt!  That’s impossible for a puppy, isn’t it!?DSCF1729

Look for more photos and constant updates on her progress on FB and Google+!