Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Louisville, KY, Part Three

DSCF0084 I promise that this is the LAST KY entry.  On the final day of our trip, Max and I visited the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, which is right in the downtown area.  They still manufacture the famous baseball bats and we took a tour through the factory (even though they wouldn’t let us take pictures while in it!). 

DSCF0077  Max and Mom posed in front of the BIG bat  DSCF0078 outside the entrance before we went into the museum part.  Once inside it was quite a shock to look UP and see this:  DSCF0080 Famous ball players from all teams were represented in this museum.  Max posed with this one (under protest!) DSCF0079 Then at the entrance to the factory, I got this shot before they closed our cameras down. DSCF0081 Just at the exit was this interesting plaque:  DSCF0082 I promised Max that he could have his wish to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky, so we stopped by one on our way back to Mom’s.  DSCF0085   All in all, it was a great trip!  We all had fun exploring Louisville and seeing my Mom and brother (and his family) again!  DSCF0086

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Louisville, KY, Part Two: THE WEDDING

DSCF0076 The whole reason we went back to Louisville, was to attend my niece’s wedding (and to visit Mom and Bro, of course).  My brother, Jon’s, younger daughter (who is Sean’s age), Jennifer, was married on Saturday, June 30 to Josh. DSCF0057  The wedding took place in a restaurant located on the banks of the Ohio River, so the reception was held inside (in the air conditioning, thank goodness!).  They were married under a cabana outside next to the river in a short but beautiful ceremony. 

DSCF0050 The boys, Sean and Max, were seated at another table inside while Mom and I were in the Table One crowd with my brother and his wife, Julie. DSCF0051 The bride’s sister, Erin, flew in from CA and did one of the two toasts.  DSCF0062  It was good to see the sisters together! DSCF0070   There was a small dance floor but the music was pretty loud.  DSCF0067  But it was good to get the family together again:  DSCF0076 (L. to R.) Sean, Mom, Sue, Max and Jon.

Thursday, July 05, 2012


DSCF0046 We had a wonderful trip to Louisville (pronounced Loo-uh-vul), KY, this past weekend.  Because we did so much in such a short time, I’m splitting this report of the trip into more than one blog. 

The flights from CA to KY took a total of 5 hours and with waiting at the airport before and between flights, not to mention the 3 hours time change, made for a long day.  However, even the airports have interesting sites: DSCF0010 This “horn” statue was most intriguing.  I couldn’t resist photographing it DSCF0011  as Max ate his breakfast DSCF0012  (yes, that’s a sandwich he’s eating). 

DSCF0014 The highlight of our first full day in Louisville was the trip to Churchill Downs.  The museum there DSCF0045 was fabulous!  DSCF0021 Part of the guided tour was outside:  in the stands, DSCF0017_1 with a view of the track, DSCF0020 and the entrances to the track, DSCF0022 and the exits too.DSCF0023 In the grounds around the museum were several statues of famous horses, like Eight Belles, DSCF0025 one of the few fillies to win the Kentucky Derby.  (If you click on the picture, you can read the inscription.)  DSCF0026  All around the top edge of the museum walls were displayed all the horses to win the Kentucky Derby since the 1800’s! DSCF0024 We stopped at the restaurant inside for a marvelous lunch and I was amused by some of the quotes that adorned the walls:  DSCF0027_1  DSCF0027_2 Afterwards, we explored the rest of the museum: DSCF0028  DSCF0034  DSCF0042 (I apologize for the blurriness of this photo, but the inscription is quite interesting concerning Seattle Slew!)  We also dropped by the Bourbon Room (which is part of the Bourbon Trail) DSCF0037 and I was especially amused by this quote:  DSCF0039  All in all, it was an exciting trip!  DSCF0043

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part Two—the Wedding!