Sunday, February 20, 2011

It can stop snowing now…

DSCF1014 Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…  It actually started snowing here on Thursday late afternoon when Steve and I had to drive up to a town about 1/2 hour from here for an appointment with Max’s orthodontist.  We ran into a blizzard half way up the major hill near the beginning of our journey.  But by the time we were almost to our destination, it had turned to rain and wasn’t so stressful. 

Well, it continued to snow that night and I woke up early to find this:  DSCF1019 These chairs are a perfect way to document the snow accumulation as they have full access to the elements.  Then came the call that school was cancelled due to the weather.  About 10 in the morning our power went out and it continued to snow.  I went out to see the chickens:  DSCF1022   One of the girls was still in the metal shed, laying away, DSCF1021 while the rest of them were under the small roof to the right of the shed, scared to venture out in that “white stuff.”  DSCF1025  Steve and I went out to check out the side yard along with Gypsy Girl.  DSCF1026   She loved the snow and did her impression of an ostrich!  DSCF1027   Our ditch was nearly frozen over DSCF1035  and still it snowed more DSCF1032 !  Max came out DSCF1039 and tried to coax Gypsy Girl up onto the trampoline, with no luck.  Meanwhile, Kit-Kit enjoyed looking out from INside!  DSCF1030   That evening Max caught up on his homework by candlelight:  DSCF1046.  School was cancelled for another day and when power was out to most of our end of the county.  The snow dwindled with the 40+ temps but with more rain and freezing temps that night, things became crunchy underfoot.  Max made a discovery while digging through the ice:  DSCF1049 It took a lot of jabbing and spearing to get the thing loose, but he finally dislodged his treasure:  DSCF1051   Now the snow has diminished and the ground peeks through---by tomorrow it will be mostly gone.  It’s probably headed your way now!!!  Stay in and stay warm!  DSCF1029

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


DSCF1002 Yes, really.   I took these pics TODAY of our new daffodils out front.  DSCF1003 So, there IS hope that spring will eventually come to everyone.  I know it’s hard to believe it with all the snow and below 0 temps most of the country is experiencing, but here in CA our trees are budding and flowers popping. 

DSCF1007 In the last few days, our new dog, Gypsy Girl, has managed to decimate three new toys, which are said to be TOUGH.  She usually has anything with stuffing, ripped and gutted in under 10 minutes. DSCF1005 So, no more soft, batting-filled cutesy toys for her.  Nope, got a good old-fashioned cotton braided rope for tug-of-war today.  So far, it has held up and she loves to chew, chew, chew it.  She definitely is still in that puppy stage. 

Much to our relief, Gypsy Girl has settled in to our routine and managed NOT to eat the cats…yet.  But she really is a knucklehead at times (I hear you about that sterling quality, Rocketman!) and tends to get too carried away with biting.  She has to be able to control that before we can feel safe with our cats around her. DSCF1006 Hopefully that will come with maturity (and spaying).  She’s getting her shots this coming weekend at a clinic and is getting fixed two weeks from now.    So far, she seems to be in perfect health and VERY strong.  I think she is a keeper!  

Sunday, February 06, 2011


DSCF0358 There’s been a lot happening this week:  we’re still welcoming our new dog, Gypsy; the “girls” are still laying (Charlie has learned his lesson); Max’s Pep Band played at a Basketball Tournament this Friday; and Max went to a formal dance last night, dressed to kill! 

DSCF0985 First off:  GYPSY.  She’s turned out to be quite a handful.  We think she’s still in the puppy stage with her nipping and chewing gone wild.  I bought a group of three sturdy, fabric-coated, interlocking rings yesterday and she’s managed to chew through them already.  I’m getting hard rubber ones this time…All in all, she will turn out to be a nice dog, if we are patient and stern with her.  She’s always so thrilled to be around us, but too keyed in on the cats to let them loose around her.  I think she looks at them like a fun chase-toy---her stares are too intense.  Time will tell.  We don’t even like her to LOOK at the chickens yet…thank goodness for the sturdy enclosure!

DSCF0969 The Girls are still laying (although they almost quit when Gypsy first appeared), but they don’t like all the attention the dog lavishes on them.  Charlie’s leg is healing well and he’s finally putting weight on it (Hubby had to boot him away after one of his attacks).  Charlie used to attack me from the rear in the back of my leg with his spurs, even though I had a stick or rake in my hand!  He keeps his distance now from me when I go in to feed them or collect eggs.

 DSCF0994 I went to hear the Pep Band (yup, that’s Max standing up in the back corner, next to that blue light, with his bass) Friday night at the Basketball Tourney (K-ville won 70-49).  He and the small group that actually showed up for the game played well and had fun cheering the team on! 

DSCF0999 Then, last evening Max dressed up in his suit and tie for a formal Winter Dance at the school.  No, he didn’t have a date, but he danced with lot of girls there.  He and his buddy, E, came home just after midnight, happily exhausted.  Max also received his first semester report card and was thrilled to get all A’s!  He was sweating out that B+ he had going in English, but the teacher gave him an A for the semester.  SWEET!  But you can bet he’ll not tell anyone about his 4.0, unless they ask.  “I hate people who brag!” he exclaims. But, I’m not ashamed to brag for him.  He’s worked hard for those A’s and is focused already on college in the future.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


This past weekend, Sadie’s family came and picked her up.  They really missed her and couldn’t stand to be without here any longer.  How depressing to have to give her back!  She’s such a wonderful dog.  However, when she does come into heat, they will bring her back, hopefully.  They seem to want puppies as much as we do.

Monday, around noon, Steve called me at home to tell me he was bringing a dog home! DSCF0984 What a shock!  Apparently, someone at the ranch, who recently moved, left a part Australian Shepherd---just abandoned her.  DSCF0989 She had been put in a small fenced area that was all muddy and nasty.  We think she’s about a year old and she seems quite a people-oriented dog---very lavish with the kisses---very sweet and a little pig-headed.

As you can see, she has the blue merle look with those weird bluish streaked eyes. Also notice the little pink  spots in her nostrils that suggest a piggy nose!  How cute! DSCF0990 We think she might have some Cattle Dog in her or Blue Heeler as she has a stocky build and is very strong.  Her coat is also a little coarser than an Aussie but is quite soft and nice since her bath Monday.  Steve just told me he’d heard that her name had been “Rusty,” but we wanted to rename her.  I think we’ve decided on Gypsy Girl.  She already comes to “Girl” great.  She has that mystical look about her and her past is truly a mystery to us. 

We still hope to get a pup from Sadie but for now, we are breaking in our new girl, Gypsy Girl! DSCF0988