Sunday, February 06, 2011


DSCF0358 There’s been a lot happening this week:  we’re still welcoming our new dog, Gypsy; the “girls” are still laying (Charlie has learned his lesson); Max’s Pep Band played at a Basketball Tournament this Friday; and Max went to a formal dance last night, dressed to kill! 

DSCF0985 First off:  GYPSY.  She’s turned out to be quite a handful.  We think she’s still in the puppy stage with her nipping and chewing gone wild.  I bought a group of three sturdy, fabric-coated, interlocking rings yesterday and she’s managed to chew through them already.  I’m getting hard rubber ones this time…All in all, she will turn out to be a nice dog, if we are patient and stern with her.  She’s always so thrilled to be around us, but too keyed in on the cats to let them loose around her.  I think she looks at them like a fun chase-toy---her stares are too intense.  Time will tell.  We don’t even like her to LOOK at the chickens yet…thank goodness for the sturdy enclosure!

DSCF0969 The Girls are still laying (although they almost quit when Gypsy first appeared), but they don’t like all the attention the dog lavishes on them.  Charlie’s leg is healing well and he’s finally putting weight on it (Hubby had to boot him away after one of his attacks).  Charlie used to attack me from the rear in the back of my leg with his spurs, even though I had a stick or rake in my hand!  He keeps his distance now from me when I go in to feed them or collect eggs.

 DSCF0994 I went to hear the Pep Band (yup, that’s Max standing up in the back corner, next to that blue light, with his bass) Friday night at the Basketball Tourney (K-ville won 70-49).  He and the small group that actually showed up for the game played well and had fun cheering the team on! 

DSCF0999 Then, last evening Max dressed up in his suit and tie for a formal Winter Dance at the school.  No, he didn’t have a date, but he danced with lot of girls there.  He and his buddy, E, came home just after midnight, happily exhausted.  Max also received his first semester report card and was thrilled to get all A’s!  He was sweating out that B+ he had going in English, but the teacher gave him an A for the semester.  SWEET!  But you can bet he’ll not tell anyone about his 4.0, unless they ask.  “I hate people who brag!” he exclaims. But, I’m not ashamed to brag for him.  He’s worked hard for those A’s and is focused already on college in the future.


Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

I discovered just this evening that Buddy will get into the kitchen trash can if the lid's not properly latched. Buddy discovered why I've had the cardboard tube out of a paper towel roll on the table next to my chair. A good pop on the snout got his attention and made a lot of noise but didn't really hurt him. He's also learned that my shouting BAD DOG means he has nobody to play fetch with him the rest of the evening. He's a pup and he'll learn just like Gypsy will learn.

Good job for Max!

Ramblingon said...

Max, congratulations..even though you're not mine I am also proud of you. That took work and determination! Good on you. Gypsy, that's gotta stop, girl. Look into it!