Wednesday, February 02, 2011


This past weekend, Sadie’s family came and picked her up.  They really missed her and couldn’t stand to be without here any longer.  How depressing to have to give her back!  She’s such a wonderful dog.  However, when she does come into heat, they will bring her back, hopefully.  They seem to want puppies as much as we do.

Monday, around noon, Steve called me at home to tell me he was bringing a dog home! DSCF0984 What a shock!  Apparently, someone at the ranch, who recently moved, left a part Australian Shepherd---just abandoned her.  DSCF0989 She had been put in a small fenced area that was all muddy and nasty.  We think she’s about a year old and she seems quite a people-oriented dog---very lavish with the kisses---very sweet and a little pig-headed.

As you can see, she has the blue merle look with those weird bluish streaked eyes. Also notice the little pink  spots in her nostrils that suggest a piggy nose!  How cute! DSCF0990 We think she might have some Cattle Dog in her or Blue Heeler as she has a stocky build and is very strong.  Her coat is also a little coarser than an Aussie but is quite soft and nice since her bath Monday.  Steve just told me he’d heard that her name had been “Rusty,” but we wanted to rename her.  I think we’ve decided on Gypsy Girl.  She already comes to “Girl” great.  She has that mystical look about her and her past is truly a mystery to us. 

We still hope to get a pup from Sadie but for now, we are breaking in our new girl, Gypsy Girl! DSCF0988  


Ramblingon said...

what kills me is..since she is people oriented then her former people must have been loving to her! How on EARTH could they do a heartless thing like abandoning her? But, like too many nasty hearted people, they did. It's unbelievable what people will do to animals, to who,m we are supposed to be good stewards.

JennyD said...

How wonderful of you and your husband to take her in and give her a good, forever home. No animal deserves to be abandoned. How terrifying it would feel! I am so happy that your husband saw her and brought her home. You two are good folks in my eyes.

Lo said...

How the hell could anyone just walk away and leave a dog cat or any animal without a second thought and she looks lovely
Well done to you for taking her in she is unusual looking

CAROLDEE said...

Maybe they didn't have a way to keep her but that doesn't mean they should abandon her like that.Makes me so angry..but Thank God Steve stepped in. I KNOW you will be happy with her there with you as I do know how much miss your Nikki. So happy for you.. hope she gets along with the chickens! hehehe

Joe said...

What a beautiful dog! I'm sure glad she found a home with you guys! Like everyone else I don't know how people could abandon animals like that...makes you wonder who's the animal.

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

How can someone just abandon an animal? some people just need to a good shot upside the head! It seems like the plight of our 4 legged friends is a recurring theme amongst us this week. Besides my own blog I've seen at least a dozen others in the past couple of days. I'm glad Gypsy Girl has found a great family to adopt. You do know they choose us and not the other way around?