Wednesday, February 09, 2011


DSCF1002 Yes, really.   I took these pics TODAY of our new daffodils out front.  DSCF1003 So, there IS hope that spring will eventually come to everyone.  I know it’s hard to believe it with all the snow and below 0 temps most of the country is experiencing, but here in CA our trees are budding and flowers popping. 

DSCF1007 In the last few days, our new dog, Gypsy Girl, has managed to decimate three new toys, which are said to be TOUGH.  She usually has anything with stuffing, ripped and gutted in under 10 minutes. DSCF1005 So, no more soft, batting-filled cutesy toys for her.  Nope, got a good old-fashioned cotton braided rope for tug-of-war today.  So far, it has held up and she loves to chew, chew, chew it.  She definitely is still in that puppy stage. 

Much to our relief, Gypsy Girl has settled in to our routine and managed NOT to eat the cats…yet.  But she really is a knucklehead at times (I hear you about that sterling quality, Rocketman!) and tends to get too carried away with biting.  She has to be able to control that before we can feel safe with our cats around her. DSCF1006 Hopefully that will come with maturity (and spaying).  She’s getting her shots this coming weekend at a clinic and is getting fixed two weeks from now.    So far, she seems to be in perfect health and VERY strong.  I think she is a keeper!  


Lo said...

Oh Sue
It is lovely to see the daffs, we don't have anything like them here and i always used to love the spring coming in in the town i was in all the roundabouts had daffs and it looks so good

As for Gypsy i would say by the look on her face she is very content and happy

Lo xxx

GreatGranny said...

No daffodils around here, too stinking cold. My TN son said they had a budding tree. May be killed by now with the teen's temps.

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Spring? I think I heard of that once.....long, long ago. Getting fixed hasn't slowed our knucklehead down a bit and he now answers to Knucklehead and You Big Dufus as well as his own name. Tough toys? HAH! They don't exist. I'm still looking for cast iron dog toys. In the meantime I'm thinking of giving him a brick to chew on. His latest passion is EATING the covers off of tennis balls.

Ramblingon said...

I have some bulbs coming up..the green sprouts. I don;'t like that becsuse we have snow into April. Its been so stinkin' cold I have no idea what got into the bulbs to do that!!!

JennyD said...

Gosh it's good to see flowers, even if it is vicariously through your photos. It means Spring is coming and I know everyone is darn glad, too.
Gypsy Girl is fine looking and yeah, she must be still in that puppy stage if she's destroying toys so fast. Even the spaying won't stop that altogether. She's going to have to just outgrown it. But the cats? Yeah, I'd keep a close eye out for their safety. She might look at them like a Toy Bonanza.
Ok back to my taxes again, sheesh. Almost done.