Sunday, July 10, 2011


DSCF0560 Our little world here at Lehmanville seems to be brighter these days…no, I’m not talking about the blazing sun outside:

DSCF1341 The pool is quite inviting these warm summer days with it’s crystal clear warm water and new pool toys.  Just lazing in the still water is relaxing and cleansing to the soul. DSCF1319-1 However, that whole scene can be broken if Gypsy happens to be outside.  She LOVES the pool.  Given the chance, she jumps right in and swims frantically, biting at the water that surges around her. DSCF1321-1 She looks so stressed when she does this that one can easily think she is drowning and try to pull her to safety.  But when she is pushed onto the ladder, she jumps to the ground, then races around to the stairs and leaps right back in!  We are forced to block ourselves in the pool by sliding our child safety gate across the entrance just to keep her out.  Then, she whines and cries and runs around the outside of the pool, lunging up the sides, trying to find a way in!  So much for peace and quiet…

DSCF0971 The “girls” are doing well these days, laying between 4 and 6 eggs a day.  They seem contented without Charlie and are always thrilled to see us when we come in to feed and commune with them.  Spot is getting fatter and a few of the others are having skin problems, but all in all, they are doing well.  I’m selling a few dozen here and there to help with their feed.

DSCF1333 Max is keeping busy this summer with his new braces, his clarinet and bass playing, his summer required reading and, of course, FaceBook.  A local singer/songwriter guy, Tom X, has asked him to accompany him at a performance at a local theatre on August 14th, so they are practicing some together, preparing for that.   Max is also playing background accompaniment at a local radio station once a month for a cowboy music show.  He prefers to remain anonymous as that type of music is not his first choice.  It’s good experience for him, though, and he gets to stretch his musical abilities some. 

DSCF1228 Probably the most exciting thing to come down the pike this summer is that Hubby finally got a call from the Union to go back to work.  Although the drive is longer than he likes, it IS work and he’s thrilled to be back at it again.  YEAH!  My piano business has been good, I’m kept busy with that and tennis (3 times a week).  Max comes to play tennis with our little group and is becoming a better player than I!  (I knew this day would come, but it’s still not easy to take…)

So, have a great summer and keep smiling! (Makes one wonder what you’re up to!)