Saturday, July 07, 2012

Louisville, KY, Part Two: THE WEDDING

DSCF0076 The whole reason we went back to Louisville, was to attend my niece’s wedding (and to visit Mom and Bro, of course).  My brother, Jon’s, younger daughter (who is Sean’s age), Jennifer, was married on Saturday, June 30 to Josh. DSCF0057  The wedding took place in a restaurant located on the banks of the Ohio River, so the reception was held inside (in the air conditioning, thank goodness!).  They were married under a cabana outside next to the river in a short but beautiful ceremony. 

DSCF0050 The boys, Sean and Max, were seated at another table inside while Mom and I were in the Table One crowd with my brother and his wife, Julie. DSCF0051 The bride’s sister, Erin, flew in from CA and did one of the two toasts.  DSCF0062  It was good to see the sisters together! DSCF0070   There was a small dance floor but the music was pretty loud.  DSCF0067  But it was good to get the family together again:  DSCF0076 (L. to R.) Sean, Mom, Sue, Max and Jon.


Ramblingon said...

Oh how precious a sight. I hope to see my youngest planning his wedding before a long time to come. In other's a hope..not a promise to mysef. Hee hee.


CAROLDEE said...

Love these photos..nice family gathering..nice to see them all again. Thanks!!