Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Oh what a crazy week…

DSCF0826 FINALLY the elections are over!  Yippeee!  SO glad to have all of that political garbage off the airwaves and telephones and out of the mail.  Now we can concentrate on Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays.

DSCF0823 As you all know, we had our pumpkin carving party this past weekend.  For MOST of the pictures, please see my Wall on Facebook.  I have a photo album of the party you can browse through.  Although the turnout was small, we all had a marvelous time not only with the pumpkins but with bubble-making.  DSCF0797 Hubby is really an expert on this, DSCF0772 what with previous experience DSCF0785 and his internet research and since it threatened to rain that day, it proved to be perfect “bubble weather.”  DSCF0820 He practiced ahead of time DSCF0784 and made up several buckets of Bubble-mixture ahead of time so it could “age.”  The other thing different about this year’s party was that it was all traditional, old-fashioned carving without all the patterns I usually provide.  Due to my swiss-cheese memory, I misplaced the manila envelope with the patterns (it’ll turn up some time this year, I’m sure), so we were forced to be totally creative with the carving ideas.  I also set up a small candy hunt in the living room for the kids.  We were also visited by Hubby’s niece and her two adorable kids:  Copy of DSCF0796  DSCF0811  DSCF0817  DSCF0814

The colors are finally in full brilliance now and it SMELLS and feels like autumn!  We’re already dipping into the cider jug and I’m sifting through the Thanksgiving recipes and various ways to use Pumpkin!  Love this time of year, don’t you?!


Ramblingon said...

what fun you had! I would have loved to have been there too. love making monster bubbles! I'm sure not good at carving pumpkins though.

By the way, how's Spot and her companions?

GreatGranny said...

Now that was fun, never saw bubbles that big and artistic.

JennyD said...

Hey, Sue! I've had the best time reading and catching up on your blogs! Really missed you, gal. Those bubbles are great. We used to do those, too, and found that there was a particular kind of "glove" we could put on that wouldn't pop the bubbles. Blow up a huge bubble and then bat them back and forth with those gloved hands; oh the memories.
The chickens all look fabulous and glad to see they're all there still. Charlie is definitely The Man, lol, and the story of Spot leaning into you was soooo touching. You know darn well that reminded me of my old chick of yesteryear. You're right, they have feelings, too.
Last but surely not least, your reading with the slip of the tongue and into the S word tore me up! Omg, I could picture it all and you had me doubled over in laughter. If that cd picks that up, you have got to tell me, lol. That's worth it's weight in gold!
Cya soon :-)

CAROLDEE said...

Cold here and could get flurries by the weekend.. yeah holidays will be here ina blink! Only make two things so far with the pumpkin..pie and bread.. guess I should experiment more.

Rocket Man said...

We're getting the same weather Carol is talking about. A couple of days ago I told Frankie that the smell of burning leaves was in the air while Sam and I were sitting out in the sun watching the birds feast. They've been mobbing the feeders the past few days, a sure sign of bad weather on the way.