Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall in Napa Valley

DSCF0869 Had a job down in the Napa Valley yesterday and with much swivel-headed driving, finally stopped at a vineyard for some pics of the great colors. DSCF0864 The air is heady at this time of year with many grapes still unharvested.  You can almost get drunk just breathing the air.  DSCF0868 But the different types of grapes turn brilliant shades of red and yellow and orange. 

The morning sun glistened off the dewy leaves and ground, further enhancing the fall colors. DSCF0865 I really enjoy driving down there at this time of year.  It’s way better than Christmas time---with all the straight white lights and very few colored ones…and of course, no snow.  Spring is pretty too, with the multitude of greens and the blossoming flowers and mustard in the vineyards.

DSCF0870 This should be the final week we have this eye candy---rain is expected for the weekend and the rest of the leaves will wither and fall. 


CAROLDEE said...

I don't remember the leaves in the grape vineyards in the central valley changing those colors..only brown. Guess it was just too darn hot down there. That sight would have my head bobbing all over too,especially the large areas along the roadside. So glad you did capture them great!!

GreatGranny said...

What a sweet fragrance there with the beautiful colors!. Glad you got these nice photos.

Ramblingon said...

I would give ANYTHING to have been there too! Not kidding. I am fascinated with vineyards.

JennyD said...

Magnificent, Sue! Ooooo, those glorious colors made me want to just jump right into them and breathe up all that yummy air until I couldn't stand up. What a find! Hey, have to tell you, too, the picture you have showing on here for facebook is GREAT! You should keep that up all the time, gal. What a cutie!