Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy Weekend

DSCF0871 In spite of the Winter Storm that descended on us yesterday, we were lucky NOT to get any snow here.  There was snow up on Cobb Mountain, near us, and just north of Lakeport (where Max has his bass lesson).  When Max and I went up to his lesson yesterday afternoon, snowflakes splatted on our windshield for a short period of time.  However, nothing stuck---it was still in the 40’s then. 

Today is the Fall Concert for the Lake County Orchestra and the Youth Orchestra up in Lakeport---so we get to make that trek again (yes, I’ll get pictures! ). Only, this time it will be bright and sunny---albeit still chilly out.  We may get more rain (it’s predicted) but probably nothing like the snow from yesterday.  By Tuesday afternoon, the storms should have passed and things are supposed to be nice and warmer for Thanksgiving.

Max’s friend, L, is coming for a couple of days before the holiday and so we’ll probably go to the new Harry Potter movie while he’s here.  Can’t wait! 


JennyD said...

Mmmm-mmmm, I just love the color of the Fall sky.
Sue, do you know I've never seen a Harry Potter movie? Never read the books, either. I hear people from 6-90 oohhh'ing and ahh'ing over them and that means I have to be missing something. Ok, I'll put it on my bucket list for year 80, lol.
I feel the way you do about Christmas in the stores wayyyyy too early. It's just not right. It used to be the day after Thanksgiving when they'd start all that stuff and even then it was too early for me. When I was little, we didn't put up any decor or tree until a week before. Then we caught so much grief from everyone, we compromised and did it TWO weeks before, lol. I just want to think to myself on Christmas Day, "Ahh, a whole year before the next one", instead of, "Omg, only 10 months to go. But wait! There are stores that have a pre-Christmas in JULY! Gawd.

CAROLDEE said...

Skies look like that when we are getting a snow storm.. black for sure. Looks like you dodged the bullet on the sleet and ice etc..that's what we got last week. I used to go to movies on Thanksgiving day.. it was something I did every year. Haven't seen one in years now..the price just got outrageous here and so I wait until the DVD etc. Have a great Thanksgiving you and the family!

GreatGranny said...

That dark sky does look like it's gonna dump something, but good that it missed you this time thanks to the warmer temps. I'd enjoy seeing a few flakes.

Ramblingon said...

Man, that looks like rain if I ever saw rain.

I haven't read a single Harry Potter book, seen any movie and for reasons totally unknown to me, it, the phenom, leaves me colder'n a dead mackerel. Oh well. I must need help! ;-)

Anyhoo, hope the girls are doing well and layin'.

Lo said...

Hi pleased to meet you
I love your blog with all the colours of the trees turning, here where i live on the canary islands we don't get Autumn ( fall )just mountains and what trees they do have don't turn at this time of year and i really miss it
I will defanitly come in again very interesting
Lo xx