Wednesday, July 14, 2010


DSCF0604 Thought I’d check out this Live Writer thing and see if I could put it on both blogs with one writing.  Bought new chicken food today and managed to muscle the 50lb bag into the trunk myself---although it was touch and go getting the stupid bag out of the shopping cart.  The chicks are old enough now to have regular “layers” food instead of “chicken starter.”  It’s kind of like going from Gerber foods to the real thing, I guess. 

They are growing by leaps and bounds and both the two Orpingtons and the 4 Rhode Island Reds along with Charlie (Arcana Rooster)DSCF0599 are getting more mature.  They love it when we have corn on the cob for dinner because they get to peck on the cobs afterwards and they LOVE that! 

Spot still lets me touch her, but she’s the only one who does. DSCF0601 There is one Orpington I call Fluffy because she always fluffs up her feathers to make her look enormous! DSCF0600 All the chicks come running to greet me when I come to see them.  It warms my heart.  Yeah, I know they are JUST chickens but they’ve become more than that.  They’re my little “herd!”


JennyD said...

These are wonderful photos, Sue, and it warmed my heart, too :D
I'm such an animal lover that I never say "just" a chicken or "just a" anything else. I'm thinking you are, too.

I don't know how you ever got that bag out of the shopping cart. Geez, 50 lbs! I'd buckle to the ground.

Your Spot is a beauty and the little ones remind me so much of my own that I mentioned to you before. (really have to post that old blog of mine). Aren't they the sweetest when they come running and chirping? Love 'em :D

(So did you see a diff in live writer?)

CAROLDEE said...

Let me know about live writer too. I couldn't load it before with the old computer.
I love the photos and I think these are great. Yes indeed each chicken has it's own personality.
How's things coming on the doggie
situation.. I do know you must miss yours terribly?

JennyD said...

Ok, Sue, I finally did that post on my chicken "just for you", lol. Go ck it out when you get the chance ;)

JennyD said...

Hey, you aren't going to believe this, but I found that plant in your yard info. It is the Allium family and is specifically the Allium Sphaerocephalum. Known as the ornamental onion, people plant these in their gardens. Go here:

Mystery solved :D

Sue Lehman said...

I love using Live Writer because you can place pics throughout the blog instead of just at the beginning! If you get it, just be sure to add your multiple blogs to it and it will publish the SAME one in different blogs---pics and all!