Friday, June 18, 2010


No sign of the missing chick yet. I'm afraid she may be lost forever. Yesterday, Hubby came home to find all the chicks outside their compound---and Charlie still INSIDE. Hmmm. He had just herded them all back inside when Max and I returned home. So, we all checked the fence line for possible escapes. Hubby thinks they may have scooted under it at one point---perhaps the opening was too tight for Charlie to handle. He blockaded the spots from outside so they can't slip through. So far, no more escapes. At any rate, all 9 chicks are safe and Charlie too.

We're beginning to think they may have all gotten out the other day and then the missing chick wandered off, to be picked off by hawks or neighboring cats or preditors. I keep hoping she will show up, but as time passes, it doesn't look good.

No. 1 son, Sean, is home for a visit---just in time for Max's 8th grade graduation, which happens tonight. Will be posting pics of boys and such soon...It's great to have the family together again!

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HollarWood said...

I love hearing about a family all gathered again. I am sorry about your chick dog gone it. I am not sure why my signing is with my other blog. It's ah Have ah good day my friend!