Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And then there were nine...

Ah, a mystery unfolds:

Yesterday morning, things were going smoothly in Chickenland when Hubby first went out to check their feed and water. Then he went off on an errand in his car.

Upon his return, the chickens were all OUT of their fenced in yard---running freely around, accompanied by Charlie. However, when he took count, one was missing. It was one of the yellow, buff ones (which are larger than the brown ones). About that time, I rolled home from my trip down the valley. We managed to herd the "Herd" back into their enclosure (which had been locked from OUTSIDED) with the use of a long rope. Once inside, we checked the fences and all was good. But no sign of Chicken #10.

Back in our yard, Hubby and I searched for ANY sign of the missing chick: feathers, body parts, anything. But we found NOTHING. True, our Caruso was out, but if he had captured a chicken there would have been signs of it---at least some feathers. It was as if someone had gone into the chicken enclosure, captured a hen, then left, locking the door behind them. But why would they do that???

The other possibility is that a hawk swooped down and relieved the Herd of a member. There always seemed to be a buff colored one that separated itself from the group, and probably was the one that was snatched. Well, you can believe I kept my eyes and ears open for any sign of the missing chick. But alas, nothing. When I went out later to look in on them, they were ALL huddled together in the corner of the metal shed, including Charlie, packed together like sardines.

They seemed afraid. Makes me really think it was a flying predator.

So, for their safety, Hubby moved all their food and water and bedding into the metal shed, shoring up the outside edges with escape-proof fencing, along with their comforting light (for one more night at least).

Still hoping the missing chick will materialize, but afraid that wishful thinking at this late time.

What I want to know is HOW the whole herd got OUT of the enclosure in the first place??!!! THAT IS APUZZLEMENT!


CAROLDEE said...

MYSTERY indeed.. I bet you are right that it might be a flying culprit. Unless you got a camera out there watching things you will never know. ???? ahhh isn't a METAL shed awful HOT in the summertime? Just a thought..seems the chicks know something you don't if they are all huddled like that.. weird indeed. :S

Ramblingon said...

I'm bustin' to know how they got out and why Charlie didn't. I do wonder about the poor chick who is missing. Mischief from neighborhood kids?