Thursday, June 24, 2010


No, I'm not talking about the chicken-problem-cat---who, by the way, has not been seen for a couple of days...I'm speaking of our little princess, Kit-Kit. She had us up most of the night. We put her outside at bedtime (which is the usual procedure). By 3:00, she was meowing and clawing at our open bedroom window screen. So, Hubby got up and LET HER IN...I never do that and this is why:

Well, she came in and presumably checked her food dish, then set up a toot of meowing and getting into things---like walking on the desk, walking on us trying to sleep, rummaging around in the closet, tearing on and off the bed at record speeds. Hubby said, "Better let her out" so I got up and called her to the door. She just looked at me like I was crazy and dared me to come after her. When I took a step in her direction, she ran. She just wanted me to chase her. Forget that! I threw up my hands in disgust and went back to bed, muttering to Hubby that she just wanted us to be up with her and refused to go out. Well, she waited until we dozed off again and then started in all over again. This time, Hubby got up and managed to catch her and throw her out. It was about 4:30 when this happened. So much for a restful night. This evening, she goes out and STAYS out!

How about that Wimbledon tennis match---you know, the one that is continuing today---the score is 59-59 and they've been going at it for over 10 hours!!! WOW! How can they even walk off the courts after so much playing? Boy, I'd hate to end up as the lose in that one...what a downer...but then, the winner will be overjoyed!

Have a great day---it's really summer here---expected in the mid-80's.


CAROLDEE said...

Glad I don't have an animal in my house I just couldn't stand them disturbing my sleep..hey.. maybe some other CAT you know is causing it to be that way.. ya never know.. Saw that tennis thing on the news.. BROTHER.. they need to give those guys a couple of days off.. sheesh!!

Toodie said...

Oh how cats like to play at night huh? I'm sure you will out smart that critter. I could never sit for 10 hours watching a tennis game!

Ramblingon said...

My girl has learned thru living inside all the time of course that night time is for sleeping and she does pretty well. :-)

JennyD said...

Hey, Sue! SO good to see you :D
Love the cat stories because I have 2 and do I ever know what you mean. Wouldn't trade them for anything though. I was looking at the previous post about the cat and the hen house and I swear, it HAD to be the same cat that had a buffet in my backyard a week or so ago. Whew, I'll never get over that.
Wimbldon: I don't even know why they're still alive after so long! It's got to be a battle of the wills at this point, sheesh.
Ok, my neighbors are now ringing the doorbell -- happy hour. Great to see you and I finally figured out how to "follow", lol. New stuff all the time to get a handle on, right? Later, gal.