Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cuprit found???

Yesterday when Max was outside, he heard a commotion in the Chick yard and upon investigation found our neighbor's long-haired black cat INSIDE the yard. The cat scurried up the corner post and through an opening at the top. Now, if you remember, this is the SAME CAT that I was complaining about attacking our cats, eating our catfood and fighting at night. At least he was found out before killing another chicken! Hubby promptly put up a tangle of wire in the corner to close up the hole and dissuade the cat next time (we hope!).

So, THAT is probably what has been stealing our chickens. If they left any feathers, due to stress, they wouldn't be noticed that much in the yard. We did see scratch marks on the outside of that post, so that cat has been up there before. I'm pretty sure it is NOT Caruso that's going after them. We've called and coaxed him to follow up from INSIDE the yard and he looks like he can't do it. He does TRY, but can't find an opening. Little Kit-Kit doesn't even stalk the chicks, but lays in the outside yard and watches all the commotion.

But we're keeping a close eye on that yard, hoping no more chicks will disappear. The hens were actually outside their shed for a while yesterday afternoon, so they're not as worried as they were. Keep your fingers crossed that we have indeed found our thief!

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Ramblingon said...

Poor sweeties. I am so glad the mystery is solved. WHEW!
SO glad to see you here!