Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chicks are fine!

Yup, they are really growing up! The hens are getting big, especially the light colored ones, and Charlie is growing into quite a proud bird. Woke up to his crowing this morning. Not obnoxious, like the hounds next door, but a nice cock-a-doodle-doo for sure.
Sean got home just fine and went to a wedding with his girlfriend yesterday. He's back on board his ship on Sunday and gone for a short cruise (only about a week or so). He's not too excited about that. He's getting itchy feet and wants to get "on" with his life.

The boys have been working hard weed-eating and have one more small job this morning---that is, if they ever get out of bed. They worked hard yesterday and Friday and goofed around outside last evening until dark. Not sure WHAT they did, but they had fun with cardboard and other miscellaeous stuff around the yard. Have to get them up and feed them breakfast so they can get at that last job before it hits 90 here today!


Joe said...

I'm glad to see your chickens are coming along! I bet that feels pretty satisfying though I don't think I'll ever want a rooster crowing again...had that in the Philippines until I thought I'd go crazy...that's one thing I don't miss one bit! Kids have boundless energy. Mine are out most of the day doing something though it's been so darn hot I don't know how they can stand it.

caroldee said...

Glad your flock is safe and still in the yard. They look good.HOw much longer til they lay eggs or are you wanting that? Those young fellas will learn that in Ca summertime the best time to do the work outdoors is early AM.. : )

JennyD said...

Ahhh, Sue, I adore chickens, roosters, the whole lot of them. I actually had a pet chicken wayyyy back and did a blog about her a number of years ago. Going to dig that old writing up and post it just for you, lol.

Send the kids over here to weedeat. Everything is burned up by the heat except for very strange weeds. At one point I thought it was poison ivy but then found out it was blackberries, whew.

Thanks for coming back by and leaving your note :D If you were here, I'd be draggin' you over to the porch for sure.