Thursday, March 24, 2011

A day in San Francisco

DSCF1078 Just the other day, Steve (Hubby) and I had to go into San Francisco to the Veterans health center.  Well, since it was a bright and sunny day (it’s been mostly rain here lately), we drove around and ended up at Land’s End (see photo above) which has a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and surrounding waters.  Of course it was windy, but not so cold.  We had time, before his appointment, to have lunch, so we picked a this place: DSCF1079 and had a nice, but filling, lunch.  Afterwards, a walk was in order (to settle all that lunch), so we headed up the street. 

We had to laugh at this small collection of restaurants all in a row:  DSCF1080 talk about diversity:  Italian, Japanese, and American Hamburgers all together!  SF is famous for that!  I always love all the neat and mixed architecture on the streets of SF---especially the Queen Anne and Victorian fancy stuff. 

All in all, it was a nice change to be in the city and experience some great food!  


GreatGranny said...

Great photos. Having so many restaurants so close to each other, It would be hard for me to make a choice.

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Much better views of the city than the few glimpses I got flying into to Travis AFB in Oakland. maybe some day I'll get the chance to see it from the ground.

Ramblingon said...

what gorgeous pictures! Did you being Charlie so he could sight see and maybe be too tired to fuss when you got back home? :-)