Sunday, March 13, 2011


DSCF1062 The title says it all!  Gypsy’s learning not to “herd” the cat too much. Caruso is such a sweetheart and wants to be friends with her,DSCF1065 but he will only take so much before the claws come out and the low growl starts.  Will Gypsy Girl ever learn?DSCF1068   I have my doubts.  Our other cat, Ninja Kit-Kit has been as invisible as possible, DSCF0694 thinking if she doesn’t move the dog won’t find her.  That works great at night when it’s dark, but not so well when she’s curled up on our light beige bedspread. 2009_0807Image0012_1 She is especially fast and, in the blink of an eye, she’s gone---down under somewhere. 

DSCF0752 Charlie, our watch-rooster, is as nasty as ever.  The other day I went in to check for eggs and feed the girls, he came at me and I knocked him off his feet THREE times with a plastic pole that I carry for just that job.  And STILL he came at me again.  At least the girls are well protected when we’re not there…that’s the only thing that saves him at this point. 

DSCF1055 The great news is that I finally got my new refrigerator!  YEAH!  If you all remember my refrigerator blues last fall (or earlier?), we hauled in one of the refrigerators that the previous owners of this place had left in the garage.  It’s been adequate until just lately, when the freezer will go from below 0 to 40 at the drop of a hat.  Strange thermostat problems, I suppose.  At any rate, Sears had a sale, so I got this one for under $400---brand new with a warranty.  So far, so good.

Enjoy your week!


Toodie said...

Love reading about your critters. My roosters haven't come at me at all. They just want pets on the head. Hope you have a great week ahead.

Ramblingon said...

You already know I love reading about the critters!!