Sunday, March 20, 2011

Learning to get along together…

DSCF1069 Yes, Gypsy Girl and Caruso are learning to get along better!  Gypsy is still struggling with holding back her biting and Caruso has got to still learn not to get himself cornered.  Occasionally, Caruso makes it onto Gypsy’s back and digging in with all four feet, tries to bite her in the neck, but can’t get through all that fur, so doesn’t even faze her.  This morning Gypsy managed to roll out of his back grasp and made Caruso growl.  But they’ve learned to be content together too:   DSCF1071  Kit-Kit watches from above on her perch on the end of the piano, but stays still and quite invisible and looks down on them with disgust.  DSCF1076

It was pouring yesterday when I ventured out to the chicken yard.  All the girls and Charlie were under the outside enclosure out of the wet, Charlie crowing and making all kinds of noise (probably swearing at the weather).  As I approached the metal shed, Spot came running out to the shed to see me!  I was stunned that she was brave enough to face the heavy rain, but her desire to see me and get a pet, won out.  As I was leaving the yard, Charlie strutted out and came for me.  Luckily, I had the stick (Charlie beater) in my hand and was able to fend him off enough to escape the yard.  Sometimes I think he’s jealous of Spot’s attention to me!  I have trouble believing that, what with his tiny itty-bitty brain!

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Ramblingon said...

He is so protective of his harem! He may have been afraid Spot was going to be taken. I have been attacked by many a rooster.

Caruso does NOT look happy at all there.