Sunday, March 06, 2011

Been a While…

DSCF1009 Wow, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog.  Time flies when one is busy.  Not much has changed around here lately---you know what they say, “No news is good news!”

Our snow has turned to steady rain (which we have needed) and everything has turned to mud, including our dog.  Gypsy has a tendency to run herding patterns around the chicken yard when we go there to check the chicks and her little figure-8 track has become one big mud pit.  Then, every night before she can come inside, she has to have a bath.  So, we keep a big pot of water on our woodstove that is always hot, just for her bath. 

The “girls” are doing well and still laying from 4 to 6 eggs a day.  I wished I’d had my camera handy the other day when Hubby went out to collect eggs and found all the hens lined up (like a production line) on the top rail in the hen house, waiting their turns to go into the laying cubbies.  There are 8 cubbies but the hens only use the same two…all the time!  They refuse to even get in the other ones.  Talk about creatures of habit!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of that as he told me after the fact.  But it must have been quite a site. 

Charlie is completely healed and as nasty as ever.  I don’t think he learned a thing even with the boot to the leg!  But, if he’s that way with us, he’s also that way with predators that visit the hen yard, thus protecting the girls.  So, as long as he is doing his job so well, he gets to live. 

DSCF1054 Gypsy Girl has been doing better, but has developed a nasty sneeze/wheeze, as if there’s something stuck in her nose.  It even wakes her up when she’s napping or at night.  I’m afraid we may have to take her to the vet to have this checked out.  She may have grass or fox-tails stuck up there.

Work has been good, but gas prices have rocketed---$3.95 at last look.  Afraid to look today.  So, I raised my tuning price up another $10 to cover the travel costs.  People seem to understand and don’t complain too much. 

Hopefully Max will have his first tennis match with his school team, this week on Thursday.  Since it is out of town, I’ve volunteered to drive.  Hope the weather cooperates. 


GreatGranny said...

If you have a cell phone with a camera, it would come in handy and remembering to use it when a Kodac moment is in the hen house.I love hearing about bad Charlie and his girls. Gypsy looks so sweet with her front legs crossed. I hope she's ok. We had rain too yesterday, cloudy today.

Toodie said...

So the hens 'take a number?" LOL!!! I wish I had your dog when I tried to make a gocart track...figure 8. Sounds like fun on yer farm but 3.95 ah gallon for gas? I'd up my price too. Have ah great day!!!!

Lo said...

Hi Sue
Good to see you again, thanks for putting the daffs on they look lovely
We don't get them over here and i do miss the spring

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

I can still find gas at $3.35 around here but that's up from $3.09 in a week's time. If this keeps up Godzilla will be staying close to home at 10 MPG.
Buddy seems to think he's a NASCAR dog. he runs ovals and stops every few laps for a pit stop. I guess he expects a tire change because he raises a leg and......Never mind; you know I ain't right!
Best of luck to max.