Sunday, April 03, 2011

Flood over---at least we hope so.

DSCF1092 Well, according to the paper here, the flood alert for our lake (Clear Lake, the largest freshwater lake in CA) is over.   This lake hasn’t flooded for more than 10 years!   Usually it takes a few days after the rains to settle down and start receding. DSCF1093 When we were up in Lakeport last weekend for the concert, during the height of the flooding, I took some pictures.  Normally, this park is an ideal place to visit and enjoy the lake---DSCF1094 but as you can see, the water crashed into the beach area and flooded out the picnic and kiddie playground places as well. DSCF1095 Then, I came upon this sign situated beside the restaurant by the lake (and almost IN the lake) and had to chuckle.   DSCF1096

But things are finally drying out here and Max could actually mow the lawn yesterday without getting bogged down.  The “girls” are still laying like crazy and Charlie is as nasty as ever.  Steve put a loop on the end of a long stick and uses it to lasso Charlie and get him up and away when we’re in there to feed them or collect the eggs.  Charlie has learned to avoid the loop!  Spot is as sweet as ever, coming up first thing when I go out.

Gypsy Girl and the cats have been going strong. DSCF1085 Kit-Kit still wants nothing to do with Gypsy, DSCF1088 but Caruso continues to be friendly and play/fight with her.  Crazy boy!  Gypsy loves our big acre and is a true rocket-dog outside as she streaks around the yard.

Spring is definitely here!


Ramblingon said...

Great pictures and what happened is fascinating to read. You guys have rotten stuff too. Not just us. Sometimes we feel we are the only ones, us here in TN.

Hi Spot...tell Charlie to cool it, the dad burned crazy rooster!

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Buddy's a rocket dog, too! He has yet to catch a cat but I feel he's more interested in playing with them that hurting them. All the same, he keeps them out of the flower beds for the most part so we're not discouraging the chasing.