Thursday, August 05, 2010

Just more stuff

DSCF0623 Nothing too exciting happening here---the “girls” are doing great and Charlie is in fine voice these days.  Can you believe how big they’ve gotten?!  This…DSCF0610 was only about a month ago and this…DSCF0624 was just the other day!  No eggs yet, but we’re keeping a close eye out for one!

My Mom just celebrated her 93rd birthday on Tuesday this last week. 2004_0805Image0033 (2) This pic was taken almost 10 years ago and she hasn’t really aged much since then.  This one was taken when she was two, I think--scan0001_1 with her brother, Ken, on their Canadian property during their homesteading years.  She still tells stories from those years.  She likes to tell of when she was born and how a midwife helped with the birth in their little house.  The doctor arrived too late to help, but came in and checked on her.  When her folks asked how much he (the doctor) wanted for his trip, he shrugged and said, “How about a dollar?”  Mom laughs and says, “that’s how much I was worth---a dollar!” 

Been working hard at keeping all the pianos in tune around here---a never-ending job for sure!  Hope you all are enjoying this WARM summer.  We are already seeing a few yellow leaves dropping from some of our trees!  Fall will be descending any minute now…


Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Come on, fall! I've had enough of summer and I'm more than ready for some leaf peeping.

Ramblingon said...

These pictures make me smile.'re a hunk!