Sunday, August 29, 2010

Garden Rich!

DSCF0664 Our garden has gone bonkers again!  We’re sneaking zucchinis into open vehicles and all but leaving them on strangers’ doorsteps.  They are threatening to take over our property.  But, as you can see, we managed to capture one oversized one and I let Max wrestle it to the ground and choke it out! DSCF0654 Voila, stuffed zucchini!   We also have those unusual looking alien-spaceship-shaped pattypan squash too (see the pic above).  Boy are they delicious and cute too.  Our corn looks like it is an alien species too as the ears are enormous looking but really mostly stalk.  They are still developing inside.  Our little acorn squashes are yellow this year (a different species, I think) and the pumpkins are still on the vine, ripening for Halloween time.  The tomatoes are mostly still green and developing but promise to be ready in a week or so, we think.  We are getting the occasional yellow Italian pear tomato now.  YUM!  The new background on my space at Spaces is our blooming trumpet vine, which is in full bloom and bursting in health! DSCF0666 Now, if I could only figure out a way to get some of our produce to you all through the computer…. 


CAROLDEE said...

AMEN to that.. I would LOVEeeee to have some of that produce.. we have to buy ours here and it is at least 99 cents a pound mostly. I sure regret NOT putting out at least one tomato plant in a planter.Nothing like home grown that is for sure. Yummy.. how do you cook your patty pan squash??
: )

Ramblingon said...

I can;t wait for next year to plant another tomato plant.

Loved your description about the squash. Boy, I bet he gave Max a fight too..that's a big 'un but Max prevailed.

That one squash reminds me of a cinnamon squash. I need to Google one and see how far off I am.

Lastly, I died laughing about leaving them in open cars etc. Dad said he's leave them on doorsteps..ring the bell and run.

Joe said...

It looks like a real cornicopia there! I hope you find some marvelous new recipes. I'm thinking this week here is the end of the summer. Our cold snap is hanging on into late next week so I figure this is time flies.

Rocket Man said...

You're making me hungry!