Sunday, December 12, 2010

White Bird Week

DSCF0878 What a crazy week!  I worked like crazy getting all those out-of-tune pianos up to par.  But when I came home, an amazing thing greeted me one evening---a pair of white geese waddled across the driveway.  Max was with me then and thought at first they were “giant ducks.”  I knew they were geese, by their size and bills, but I don’t think he’s ever seen domestic geese---the white ones. DSCF0877 Well, these two geese hung around for at least two days---they were quite skittish and when I tried to get pics of them, they noisily told me “Don’t you dare come closer.”  Then they took off, flying for short distances before landing and looking back at me, as if to say, “Can’t catch us!”

Then, just yesterday when we were coming home after retrieving Max from a friend’s house, our local wild turkey “herd” crossed the road in front of us. DSCF0880 I slowed to a stop for them to cross.  I admit I haven’t seen them in ages, but we were all surprised to see this snow white addition.  I’m not positive it was an albino wild turkey, as I couldn’t get close enough to check the eyes, but it sure had the same slim look as the wild ones and with those pinkish legs, was a real stand-out in the herd.  DSCF0879 Wish I could get closer for a better shot.  I’ll keep a lookout for the herd now that I know there is a white one among them.  After looking online, one place DID say true albino wild turkeys are RARE.  Most of the pics online were from Michigan and southern areas, none from CA.  Have any of you out there seen any albino wild turkeys?


Ramblingon said...

How absolutely COOL Sue!!!

By the way, how's your girls? Spot getting along well?

JennyD said...

Holy smoke, Sue, do you really think it was an albino? Can you do a really close up zoom shot of it? Wow. I was thinking that the geese had just decided to make a visit to old friends, but then finding out about albino turkeys! If this is so, what a find!! Now that's exciting stuff :D

JennyD said...

well, phflattt (that's a noise I can't spell). Carole already just asked what I was going to ask you, too. I'll ck back for the answer.

(Daggone it, Carole!)lol

CAROLDEE said...

Well they do raise some of the white ones around us here and let them roam out in the woods. Maybe it got lost! hehhheh LOL Nice shot of them crossing the road!

GreatGranny said...

Now this is exciting to see the unusual. I've never seen a white one either. The geese must have been fun to watch too. I wonder too how the girls are if Charlie is being good.

Joe said...

I never get tired of seeing Turkeys! That white one is rather spectacular I'd say!