Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Max’s Birthday

2010_1220DEC100001 Actually, Max’s birthday was yesterday, the 28th---he just turned 15!  Do you remember when you were 15???  Because his brother had to leave on the 27th, we sort of celebrated all Christmas weekend 2010_1225DEC100019  2010_1225DEC100025  2010_1226DEC100031 AND Monday---Tuesday, (his actual birthday), he went shooting rifles with his Dad along with his friend, E., and his Dad.  You see, E got a rifle for his birthday, and couldn’t wait to shoot it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Besides, Monday, the 27th was E’s 15th birthday too!  Max, E and his other friend L, usually celebrate together because their birthdays are so close together (L’s birthday is Jan. 7th).   Then, after the rifle shooting, that evening Max and E went to boxing class2010_1227DEC100013 and worked up quite a sweat. 2010_1227DEC100014

Well, Max’s actual birthday was a rainy, windy day, so we stayed pretty much inside while he played his new video games and goofed off.  Then, today, Wednesday, he went to visit L over in Yuba City, about 2 hours from here.  He’ll be gone until sometime this coming weekend.

It’s so hard to believe Max is already 15.  It seems like only last week he was going to Kindergarten, and only a few days ago that he graduated from the 8th grade.  But now, he’s a freshman in High School and playing High School sports and enjoying the school band program.  He’s thrown off his little boy innocent face and a bright young man is shining through that big grin.  Why, by next year at this time, he’ll be wanting to get his driver’s license…  Oh no!  He can’t be THAT old yet!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX!   2010_1220DEC100003


JennyD said...

Good lookin' boy you have there, Sue; in fact, both your boys are! Time flies, too. Yes, I do remember being 15 very well -- wasn't that just a couple of yrs ago? And besides, Sue, you don't even look old enough to have a teenager :D VERY good genes in your family.

Ramblingon said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome son, Sue. I'm so sorry I haven't been to see anyone in a week or more. The boys only just left and the cat has been very sick. But I got here today, and I am wishing you and yours a Happy new Year! The best ever.

Lo said...

Gosh he is going to break a few hearts i should think if he hasn't already
Yes i remember when i was 15 i had just left school and i remember saying to myself ....THANK GOD I DON'T HAVE TO GO BACK THERE ANYMORE.....