Monday, December 27, 2010


DSCF0919 Coming back from the city of Napa the other day, we (Sean, Max and I) stopped at this castle winery for a look-see.  Sean and his girlfriend had visited it when they were here before and peaked my interest.  Most of you don’t know how much I LOVE castles.  Just ask Carol Dee.  One of our fondest memories together centers around a lost castle---but that’s another story.

DSCF0920 This castle was brought over from Italy, stone by stone and reconstructed in the Napa Valley.  DSCF0926 You can’t see it from the road, so I had no idea it was there!  But it is spectacular to come over the small hill and see a beautiful castle.  We were able to wander around, but they charged a fee to go inside, so we passed on that one---for now, anyway.  We’ll save that tour for another day.  But the grounds and up-close views of the stonework DSCF0921 and metal work DSCF0927 were fun.  There were also sheep in one pasture where I took this “sheep shot:” DSCF0928   This cat appeared to be the official “castle cat” DSCF0925 as he sat at the entrance, and collected all pets.  Reminded me of Caruso.  The boys rolled their eyes when I insisted on pics of them, but humored me anyway.  DSCF0923

All in all, it was fun to see this little jewel hidden in the Napa Valley.DSCF0932 DSCF0931


JennyD said...

Wonderful photos! Isn't it remarkable that something so huge and grand can be dismantled, categorized down to the last little stone, brought over to this country, and rebuilt! There was a white marble castle from Italy that was done the same way and across the street from my grandfather and I never got enough of looking at it. People actually lived in the darn thing! Well, that street had some monsterous big homes, whew.
Loved your post and all the pics, Sue :D

CAROLDEE said...

FINALLLLy found the link again..this computer I am using didn't have it. Glad you posted it at fb page. Love the pics.. and your tree looks Great!

Rocket Man said...

Very cool, Sue!