Friday, December 24, 2010


DSCF0893 Christmas is nearly here and our oldest, Sean, is home from the Navy this year!  It’s so good to see him again and watch him and Max exchange teases!  Sean arrived around 2 in the afternoon after a long grueling drive from San Diego.  He was wearing his new Navy uniform, which is a blue cammo! DSCF0901 Pretty spiffy!  He said he wore it because the matching raincoat was so nice and he thought he might need it. 

The boys played pool a while DSCF0898 before coming in and dragging out their musical instruments. DSCF0906 What fun to watch and hear the two of them playing together in front of the Tree! DSCF0910 Sean brought his old metal clarinet DSCF0907 and sounded spectacular with the bass accompanyment.

After Christmas, Sean will head on up to Bremmerton, WA, where the ship is in dry dock, in his car.  That way, he’ll have his car there.  He has a cute one-room, furnished apartment that is rented on a month to month basis, so he can easily leave when he needs to.  He’s only stationed up there until sometime in the spring, when he will go to China Lake, CA.  Dates are not certain yet for when that will happen.

So nice to have family all together for Christmas!  Happy Holidays to all!!!DSCF0905


Oh, and I promised to put up my recipe for Meringue Cookies:

Preheat oven to 350.  Beat 2 egg whites until stiff, then add

3/4 cup sugar slowly, beating it in thoroughly before adding

1/8 t. salt and 1/4 t. vanilla (or mint).  Mix in a 6 oz. (approx. 1 cup) package of chocolate or mint chips.

Then, on a sheet of parchment paper (or an old paper bag cut to fit your cookie sheet), spoon by teaspoon onto sheet (can be close together).  Put tray in oven and TURN OVEN OFF.  Leave in over-night.  In morning package and freeze or refrigerate.  If the cookies come out soft and chewy, freeze---the meringue will harden just right!  Enjoy!  I always make a double batch and still they disappear fast!!!  


JennyD said...

Oh, how wonderful everyone is home! It's going to be a wonderful Christmas now for all of you. Wow, your boys sure do look just like you!
Merry Christmas, Sue!

Ramblingon said...

I am smiling as big as though it happened to me! I love when a family comes together and this is a beautiful thing to read and see. (((HUGS))) from me and all of my boys too.

Merry Christmas.