Monday, May 30, 2011

Animal Updates!

DSCF0693 Our two cats, Caruso and Kit-Kit have a love-hate relationship---mostly hate.  Caruso wants to get up close and personal with Kit but she will have nothing to do with him---that is, unless she wants something.  The other morning, it was the water bowl.  Never have I seen her that close to Caruso! DSCF1281 She glared at him to the point that he finally couldn’t stand it anymore and gave up the bowl! DSCF1282 Now doubt who is the top cat around here…(at least in HER mind).

DSCF1285 The “girls” seem calm and happy these days.  Fluffy is busy sitting on her clutch of eggs----and wants NO hands too close! DSCF1284 I have not seen her leave them AT ALL in several weeks.  She IS diligent.  On the other hand, the Rhode Island Reds are always on the move.  These two seem to stay togetherDSCF1288 and are always competing for any scrapes we bring them from the kitchen. DSCF1289 Their favorites?  Corn cobs, grapes, carrot and yam peels and melon rinds!

All seem content at the Lehmanville farm! DSCF1220


GreatGranny said...

Fluffy wants a family, can't wait to see the fluffy little chicks photos. I wonder if she gets hungry while sitting so long. It would be nice if she had a sitter, don't know if chickens do that. lol
Poor Caruso having to give up his bowl. I doubt Kassey would share if she had a sibling.

Ramblingon said...

Oh gosh, I'm surprised those two have a rivalry still going after all this time.

Love seeing Fluffy and love any moention of the girls.

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Buddy has a new friend. The folks who moved in next door have a female rat terrier and it was love at first sight. Every time she makes an escape she can be found over here looking for Buddy! It's comical to watch those two...Buddy is close to 100 lbs. and she's about 5!

Nancy said...

Love the photos. Now the hen had a face that was priceless! LOL