Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Spring

DSCF0968 Hard to believe it’s January!  While the rest of the country is pretty much caught up in snow and cold temps, we here in CA are experiencing a “false” spring.  Since I had a sleepless night last night and no real work lined up for today, I took the opportunity to take it easy.  With camera in hand, I walked around the yard with Sadie (bouncing along beside and in front of me) and snapped a few pics out in the 70 degree sunshine. DSCF0978 Steve has been busy sawing wood and building ---looks like bee colony stuff--- from some wood that was given to us.  The chickens are happy to have some sun and dryness too. DSCF0969 Charlie is his usual snotty self---always sneaking up on me and trying to attack from the rear.  I always take my trusty rake into the pen now.  The “girls” are doing great, even though they are showing signs of molting. DSCF0971 Spot is still a beauty and I believe this DSCF0976 is Fluffy (the biggest hen in the herd) and Grinnelda (the biggest pain in the neck of the Rhode Island Reds).  They are almost all bigger than Charlie, if you don’t count Charlie’s EGO! 

DSCF0980 Sadie found an old horn in the yard and loves to throw it around, pretending someone is throwing it for her to chase.  She does that with a ball too, and is hilarious in her play-alone antics.  She still hasn’t come into heat yet, but we’re hoping it will happen soon.

DSCF0981 Found this old birdhouse nestled in the twisting grape vines---looks unoccupied, but come REAL spring, it might have new residents!  They say this warm, dry spell will last until February, so I’m taking advantage of it all I can! 


CAROLDEE said...

70!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy that sounds wonderful... I sure do miss that heat. We have so much more winter here to deal with. :-(
Love looking at the gals and glad they are thriving. Must be wonderful to have Sadie there to keep you company. The sun looks great.. we haven't seen that here in quite awhile.

Ramblingon said...

I loved every word and every picture!!! More MORE!

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Sadie with that horn reminds me of Buddy playing fetch with himself. He also likes to bounce his tennis ball off the bathroom scale while I'm brushing my teeth in the morning. Lord knows what he'll do when I start shaving again (I'm wearing my "winter coat" now as Frankie calls it).

JennyD said...

Oh, Sadie is just gorgeous! Now I know Charlie is really being sort of the bad bird with the attacking, but Sue, he sure is a beauty. He's always been my favorite of the group -- now I'm wondering if it's his looks or personality. Geez. I might need therapy if I think too much about this.

By the way, run by my page and pick up a Stylish Blogger Award, ok? I think you should post it onto your own page and never mind having to post about it or think of 15 people to pass it to. Just post it onto your page. That would make me happy in passing it on to you.