Saturday, January 08, 2011

Last week visitors

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA I realize this is a week past due, but with school in full session this week and work and everything else, it’s been a hectic one.  We had Max’s friend, Lucas (with brother Jake, sister Haley and Dad in tow)SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA (this pic was from Max’s Thanksgiving visit with them) visit on Saturday, when we had all that snow.  They didn’t have the snow where they lived, so it was a pleasant (and WELCOME) surprise when they arrived here.  They proceeded to build a nice snowmanDSCF0946 and a couple of snow forts before their big snowball fight.  Lucas and his sister, Haley were on one side against Max and Jake.  Unfortunately, Max and Jake lost, but they all had great fun.  Lucas’ family also brought their dog, Sadie (who has been on this space before in pictures).  She is a gorgeous Australian Shepherd who has never been fixed.  They left her with us in hope that she might come into season (as it is about time) in the next few weeks and we can mate her with my friend’s male Aussie, Shostro. 

So, we are thrilled to be keeping such a sweet and smart dog.  She has adapted well and is making peace with our cats too.  My friend brought Shostro and his pack of 4 other dogs over to visit just to see if they got along well together.  All five dogs got along fine with Sadie, although Shostro totally ignored her.  My friend left one of the other dogs, Gus-Gus, who is a 5 month old black Lab puppy to play with Sadie while they went off for the rest of the afternoon.  I got his cute pic of the two of them during a quick moment when they weren’t chasing each other!  DSCF0949 Sadie had a blast with the dogs and slept well that night.

Although the snow has melted, it is still cold (below freezing) each morning and only gets up into the 50’s or 60’s during the afternoon.  The “girls”  and Charlie are doing well but their egg production is down to three or four eggs a day---I think they are getting ready to molt.  Charlie attacked my leg yesterday when I went out.  It’s a good thing I wear heavy jeans out there!  He’s such a brat!!!  I now carry a big rake whenever I go into the yard…


Joe said...

Delightful pictures my friend, this seems what the season should be about. It's been quite cold here then it warmed up and then last night and part of today it rained...ugh. The kids are a bit stir crazy and my eldest daughter isn't feeling well so it's been a pretty somber environment around here. Bless you my friend have a great day.

CAROLDEE said...

Neat they got to have fun in the snow..and make some memories. Having the dogs around must be so nice for you.. I know you can't wait to get one of your very own..How about two? hehehe Sorry Charlie.. no more rude! HA!Stay warm my friend..winter sure has been weird this year!