Sunday, March 04, 2012


DSCF1727 Yesterday Gypsy Girl came up lame---she may have stepped in one of the many holes in our yard.  To keep her from running with the injury, we put her in time-out on a short chain. DSCF1763

Zelda was so good at keeping her company and brought over a bully stick to chew on…that Gypsy promptly stole when Zelda left it to get a drink of water.  Even though Gypsy growled at her when she tried to get it back, Zelda stayed close by her buddy…DSCF1765 What a pal! DSCF1768 She just had some trouble DSCF1766 staying up on the cushion, DSCF1767 but was just content to be close to Gypsy Girl! DSCF1770 HA!


Joe said...

Nice pictures my friend!

scott davidson said...

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