Saturday, February 11, 2012

There’s nothing like a growing puppy!

DSCF1743 Just look at the size of those feet!  Can you tell which set is the pup and which is the adult? DSCF1742 Zelda is really growing these days.  When we picked her up (at 8 weeks old), she weighed 12lbs.  Today she weighed in at 27lbs! 

DSCF1740 As you can tell by the size of her sturdy legs and feet, she promises to be a larger dog than Gypsy is now.  We figured Gypsy was about a year old when we got her and we just got notice that she is due for her yearly Rabies shot, so we’ve had her a year (that makes her two). 

Zelda adores Gypsy and follows her around the best that she can.  Gypsy is fast and can out run and out maneuver Zelda, but the pup still seems to wear her down.  Sometimes Gypsy will hide from the pup, just to get a few minutes of rest.  Both cats seem to tolerate Zelda well, even though the pup is constantly kissing both cats.  Caruso will sink his teeth into the pup to stop her, but Kit-Kit just out jumps and out runs the pup. 

All in all, Zelda has a sweet disposition and is very devoted to her people.  She doesn’t shy away from Gypsy or us, but will around strangers (at least, at first).  She is indeed quite adorable!DSCF1739


Nancy said...

So sweet!

Joe said...

Such good looking dogs! It's amazing how pups grow up and how quickly they leave the puppy days behind...enjoy every moment my friend.